digital marketing services

Digital Marketing as a service is providing support and marketing online.  We can offer the following Digital Marketing Services

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Native Advertising
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Online PR
  10. Inbound Marketing

Don't worry if the above does not make sense to you, we have a team on hand that can help build your digital marketing strategy and advise what type of marketing above would be suitable for your business.

digital marketing
frequently asked questions

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as its more commonly known is the process of getting your website to rank in the search engines for given terms (keywords)  Say for example you're a local plumber and you want to rank for the term "Plumber Dundee" as most of your customers will be searching for this term when they are on Google.  Well the process of getting your website up to number 1 rank (the first result) would be part of an SEO Strategy.  

You can have the prettiest shiniest website in the world but if you're customers can find it online due to you being down in the search engines then there is no point in your website being online. 

Lots of customers in the past have dealt with companies who have over promised them results - At AVA media we are different. We talk in plain language, set expectations from the start and never over promise. It's hard work but its worth it. 

We would start off by looking at what your competitors were doing, it's a great starting point.  We would check out how many backlinks they have, what terms they are ranking for and will allow us to be able to work out how competitive a term is. If the keywords you are trying to rank for is very competitive, we might work that into our long game and focus on keywords that are easier to rank for.  We will look at Laten Semantic Indexing of Keywords (Similar type words associated with your keyword)  and include these within your content to increase the chances of ranking - Google uses this as one of its key ranking factors to understand the details within the content.

As standard all customers who join us for SEO services will receive a Technical Audit. We would like to see the current state of the website, to see if it can be indexed by Google, if there is any technical reason why your site would not rank (Duplicate Content, Duplicate Pages or any redirecting issues)

Keyword research is important as there might be keywords that are (low hanging fruit) basically we mean keywords that your competitors have over looked or not focused on.  This means it's easier to rank for these terms and would be easier to go after. As standard in all our SEO packages we would perform a keyword research.

It's no secret that Google and the other Search Engines will use Links as a way to understand authority.  Think about it like this before any of your customers go and use your service they might want recommendations from previous customers, or friends as a referral.   Google is the same.  It wants to understand who else is talking about, who else is linking to you and not only just who is linking to you but to understand the quality of the links.  It's like asking your best friend for a recommendation (it has higher authority) than some random connection you have on Facebook.