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we are a Dundee based WEBSITE DESIGNer

Setting up a website can be a daunting task.  You know you need a website but you do not know where to start (as how else do customers find you in this day and age)   

Have no fear... 

We love helping local Dundee based companies with their Webdesign, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC

You're looking for someone who's local and can come visit you at your office, you want that local Dundondian on the other end of the phone to help with your website design queries.  You don't want to wait days and have tickets open. When it could be fixed fast.

We other Dundee Companies just like you, across a whole range of experience levels. Some of our customers know exactly what web design services they need.  Others have no clue and are looking for us to use our experience and create the perfect website for them. 

So if you're looking for a new website design for your business, personal website or charity project - We can help.  We're Dundee's best small to medium sized website design digital agency.  We have provided web design services across the whole of Scotland and are the leading agency in Dundee. 

We're transparent and all of our costs are up-front, we will listen to what you need and create your site exactly how you need it.

Our process is simple and straightforward.

We also service other areas of Scotland such as Fife, Perth, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

the process to your new website

In just a few steps to your professional online presence.

1. Talk to a human.

You know what it's like you're just starting out so you will have lots of ideas, questions and are looking for someone to give you answers.  We can sit down around a nice hot cup of coffee (or can do it via a virtual conference online) and chat about what you're looking for.  

2. We create your website.

The next step is our design team will get to work and start fleshing out the the start of your website. We create a tailored website to your brand and your target audience and work with you on your ideas and trying to turn them into a reality. 

3. Getting ready for lift-off.

Once we have something down on canvas.  We will send it across so you can have a look at your new website, give us feedback and tell us what you would like to see changed.  At the end of the day this is your website, your brand and its what your customers will see.  It has to be modern, user friendly and easy for everyone to use. You'll work with us and have a personal number for the person looking after your project.  

4. Your website goes online!

Mission control we are live.  Now it's over to us to tweak your site and ensure that you're being found online. We'll still be contactable and always on hand to help.

SSL - included on your site (GOOGLE RANK IT)

INCLUDED WITH ALL PACKAGES - SSL stands for (Secure Socket Layer) - its basically a way to show your users that your site is safe and secure.  It also highlights to Google that your website is safe to be online (It's one of the Major Ranking Factors now) . When a visitor comes to your site the address will be encrypted from http:// to https:// and it may show a padlock or a green bar.

seo booster included

INCLUDED WITH ALL PACKAGES - When you launch a new website, you need Google to find it.  We add something we call SEO Booster.  Which ensures that your website can be found by Google, Indexed and starting to rank within the Search results. SEO Booster is Search Engine coding and best practised built into your website.  This will give your website the best chance of ranking without having to spend money on additional SEO services


INCLUDED WITH ALL PACKAGES - It's important that you have your social media profiles on your website now to boost your online marketing.  As well as being really important to social proofing your business online. It's also an important way to drive users to your digital content.  It allows your users to invest in your business by consuming your content and getting a better understanding and appreciation for your businesses and services.  

We will include all the links to your Facebook Accounts, Twitter Accounts, Tik Tok Accounts or Pinterest. 

We can also advise on what platforms we think might work well for you and give you some help and support on how to get them setup and producing tip top content.



✓ We're based in Dundee, Scotland, UK. 

✓ We provide Telephone, Email and Live Chat Support.

✓ You can contact us through our Custom Dashboard from within our CMS.

✓ We are available through Facebook and Twitter.

✓ You can message us anytime and will receive a response within 4 hours.  Emergencies 1 hour.


PACKAGE ADD-ON For a Small FEE our team can write your content for you.  We understand what it takes to write compelling content for your users, but also write content that ranks well within Googles Search Engine Algorithm. 

We will research your industry, understand your customers and understand their pain points.  

We can help you with

✓ Writing Web and Digital Copy

✓ Optimising Content for Search Engines

✓ E-Commerce Product Descriptions.

✓ Writing Compelling Case Studies or Articles on your Services

✓ Press Releases

✓ Frequently asked Questions for your Website.

✓ Glossaries

Needing content for your new website?

There is no one who understands your business better than you and we would always encourage you to write about your business and provide us with the content for your new website.  However, life gets in the way and day to day running of your business takes over.  That is where we can help.  Working with you, we will try and understand your business, your customers pain points and write compelling content for them.

The price for us to write well written SEO optimised content is £75 per page.  Well written SEO optimised content will not only increase your search engine ranking but it will increase your profits.  More profits equals a bigger return on investment.

website design
frequently asked questions

The most asked question we will get, will be how much does a website cost to design?

Our pricing is pretty straightforward for your new website.

Single Page £250.

5-10 Page Website £850.

Ecommerce Website £1950.

All of our sites come with;

  • Mobile friendly.
  • SEO Optimised.
  • Visitor Reports (If you would like)
  • Live Chat (if you would like)
  • Contact Form.

There is a monthly ongoing fee.  This covers; 

  • Website hosting.
  • Unlimited Email Inboxes / Domain Forwards.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Registration of Domain.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.

The fee for this is £18 a month and it will come from you direct debit.

Our custom CMS system allows you to login and update your website yourself.  You can update things like text, images and other content. Meaning you can do most things yourself.

Not feeling up to it?

We can edit your website (small changes are no charge) if you're looking for bigger changes these would be discussed and a price would be given to you up front before we commence any work.

Yes, we can design you a logo and other artwork required for the website.   Again depending on the complexity of the design this might include a further charge.  Design work can be pretty subjective and people like to spend a lot of time working through this to get it right for their brand.  We will allocate a graphic designer who will work with you to design the perfect logo or artwork for your website.   Again this will be decided upfront with you.

In some instances if it does not take us long to design and develop.  We will provide the logo free of charge. 

We would always say around 2 weeks for a small to medium sized site.  We will work with you from the start to give you an up-to-date timeline of how long it will take to build your site.

If we're going through a busy period it can take us 4-6 weeks.  Again this will made clear up front to you.  There is nothing worse than design agencies promising you a date and it taking longer than you expect.  We will always be as clear as possible up front.

The long and short answer is yes.

Ideally clients will provide us with the content for their website.  Nobody knows your business better than you.  You don't need to be a wordsmith,  all you need to know is your business.  Jot down your thoughts on content you would like to see on your new site and we will polish it up at this end. 

If you do not want to write about your website and would prefer a professional write something a little more compelling we have a in-house content writer.  We will charge an additional fee for this service and its all dependant on the number of words and how much research she will have to do to write something.



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